About KIND

KIND was established in 2008 in the Douglas region as a not-for-profit organisation, by local people for local people. Why? To raise, administer and distribute funds to assist children in need of support who have been diagnosed with a terminal or debilitating illness or injury.

Discreet, immediate, short-term and long-term support is provided by KIND to assist affected children and their families.

Monies are primarily raised through fundraising ventures, community donations, assistance of other agencies and grants.

KIND provides a bridge between the child’s needs and the assistance provided via other external agencies. 

KIND aims to provide help where government and/or other agencies are unable to so. Your support of this organisation is vital to the continuing success of our mission; the children of the region thank you for your assistance.

If you are aware of a family who may need our support, please contact one of the committee members via our email – info@kindorgau.us

Visit our Calendar of Events page to see what events are planned.

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Testimonial – Crystal Leonardi

The level of support and generosity KIND has shown my family since my son’s diagnosis has been humbling. It has meant that we have been able to maintain focus on our son’s medical needs, whilst KIND provided our family with financial support, but also compassion and understanding. The professionalism of the KIND team has been immensely appreciated and I am so grateful for their delicate and unwavering willingness to provide all levels of support to my family. KIND has changed the direction of our financial journey during our son’s diagnosis and their meaningful show of support has made a hugely positive impact on our lives. Our family feels so fortunate to receive such exceptional support from a local charity, run by generous locals. 

Thank you KIND, for everything you’ve done for us and our special little boy. 

KIND Committee:

PresidentDanielle Bellero
Vice PresidentNadine Lowenstein-Jones
Secretary-Treasurer & Parent LiaisonAnn-Marie Clark
Committee MembersCharmaine Norris
Lydia Clayton
Peter Clark
Caroll Evans
The Committee

Contact KIND:

Kids in Need Donation Inc
PO Box 656 Mossman Qld 4873
Phone – 0486 005 613
Charity Number – CH2989 :: ABN 73 319 511 586